Transforming Pharmacies: A Conversation with Atlantic Pharmacy

store reset of Atlantic Pharmacy & medical supplies, an independent shop, with NOVA medical products retail display on wall and foreground

In the bustling heart of East Los Angeles stands Atlantic Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, a beacon of community care and commitment. Nancy Sukal and Claire Gutierrez of NOVA Medical Products had the pleasure of sitting down with Rosa Garcia and Nichole Cobos, two dedicated members of the Atlantic Pharmacy team, to delve into their experiences working within an independent pharmacy setting, their recent store reset, and the invaluable partnership with NOVA Medical Products with logistics provided by Cencora.

three staff members posing with rollator walkers inside of Atlantic Pharmacy & medical supplies, an independent shop, with NOVA medical products retail display on back wall
Daniel Chow, Rosa Garcia and Nichole Cobos of Atlantic Pharmacy stand proudly in front of their newly reset Home Medical Equipment display.

Beyond Profit: Atlantic Pharmacy's Mission of Community Care​

Nichole described the essence of working within an independent pharmacy, emphasizing the profound connections forged with the local community. “The best part of working with an independent pharmacy is working so closely with the community, growing relationships,” she shared. “People become very loyal customers and refer their families [and] their friends. So word of mouth is very important, especially when it has to do with the well-being of the patients.”

With two decades of history nestled within their current location, Atlantic Pharmacy has become a cornerstone of support for the East Los Angeles community. Rosa Garcia, a stalwart presence within the pharmacy for the past 20 years, highlighted the privilege of serving within an independent pharmacy. 

“It has been incredible towards us as the employees and towards our customers,” Rosa expressed warmly. “It is a privilege to work in an independent pharmacy because we’re able to go above and beyond for our customers.”

Navigating the intricacies of Medicare and Medical billing, Rosa explained the challenges faced by pharmacies in maintaining sustainable practices amidst evolving reimbursement rates. Despite the complexities, Atlantic Pharmacy remains steadfast in its commitment to providing top-notch products and services to its clientele. 

When asked about their decision not to stock gifts and cards, Rosa emphasized their unwavering focus on enhancing the daily living experiences of their patients. “We concentrate more on what can we help our patients [with] and what can we bring in that will make their daily living a better and safer place for them,” she explained.

Elevating Standards: The NOVA-Cencora Partnership​

Enter NOVA Medical Products. Rosa’s admiration for NOVA products shone brightly as she commended their unparalleled quality, generous warranty policies, and shared values centered around customer satisfaction. “What I love—I do not only like—I love NOVA products due to their guaranteed quality, their replacement policy, their five-year warranty,” Rosa exclaimed passionately.

The decision to partner with Cencora, a medical equipment wholesaler, proved to be a game-changer for Atlantic Pharmacy. The ease, reliability, and efficiency offered by Cencora’s services significantly streamlined the stocking process. Dealers, like Atlantic Pharmacy, found several advantages in opting for Cencora, such as:

No minimum order: This flexibility allowed pharmacies to procure exactly what they needed without being bound by minimum quantity requirements.

Free freight: Eliminating freight costs contributed to cost savings, enhancing the profitability of each transaction.

Next day delivery: The expedited delivery ensured that essential products reached the shelves promptly, meeting the demands of customers without delay.

Convenience of pulling products as needed: This on-demand access to inventory prevented overstocking while ensuring that popular items remained readily available.

Online ordering through the Cencora Portal: The user-friendly interface of the Cencora Portal facilitated seamless online ordering, with the added convenience of viewing promotions and discounts in real-time.

End-of-year rebates and discounts: Cencora’s commitment to supporting its dealers extended beyond regular transactions, with annual rebates and discounts further incentivizing partnerships.

High inventory turns: The robust inventory management system ensured that products remained in constant circulation, minimizing instances of stockouts and optimizing shelf space.

Availability of 300 items in stock in most Cencora Warehouses: This expansive inventory ensured that dealers had access to a wide range of products, catering to diverse customer needs.

Atlantic Pharmacy's Visual Transformation: Before and After​

The decision to reset the store with NOVA Medical Products was a strategic one, aimed at not only showcasing superior quality but also providing enhanced accessibility and visibility for customers. “The reason I reset the store was to give a better comparison of the products to other products that we do carry and to show the patients the quality and the warranty that the NOVA products offer,” Rosa explained.

The store’s refreshed ambiance has not gone unnoticed, with customers responding positively to the new layout and product visibility. “The store looks great. It’s a lot more available for us to walk and customers are able to see the products with no problem,” Nichole affirmed.

Atlantic Pharmacy’s dedication to community engagement extends beyond the confines of their physical space, with monthly raffles and referral programs aimed at fostering lasting connections with their clientele. “It’s a monthly raffle [in addition] to our regular $20 raffle and under, and every six months, we try to give [away] a walker,” Rosa explained, highlighting their commitment to giving back to the community.

Rosa’s heartfelt gratitude to the NOVA team encapsulates the profound impact of their partnership on Atlantic Pharmacy’s journey. “You guys made my store incredible. It is a pleasure to come in and look at all those bright boxes, and it does make my day,” Rosa shared sincerely, reflecting the transformative effect of NOVA’s support. This partnership, coupled with the seamless logistics provided by Cencora, underscores the potential for innovation and excellence within the realm of independent pharmacies.

Join the Movement: Start Providing NOVA Products to Your Community!

As Atlantic Pharmacy stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships and a steadfast commitment to customer-centric care, we invite pharmacies nationwide to embark on their own journey of innovation and excellence. 

If you’re inspired by Atlantic Pharmacy’s successful store reset, and eager to provide top-quality products to your community, reach out to NOVA Medical Products today. 

Start small with our top-selling products and witness the positive impact they can make on your store and clientele. Together, let’s elevate the standard of service and redefine what it means to truly care for our customers.

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