How To Create a Great Pharmacy Experience

The renovated interior of Atlantic Pharmacy in Los Angeles, featuring a NOVA home medical equipment and cushion display, how to create a great pharmacy experience

Are you feeling like the customer experience in your store needs a refresh? Wondering how to create a great pharmacy experience? Creating an amazing and supportive environment for your customers is easier than you think.

We’ve seen pharmacies just like your own totally overhaul their retail experiences through a series of short and simple transformations, resulting in higher sales and stronger community engagement.

You can do it, too! Here are a few tips that will help you improve your pharmacy experience and turn your retail store into a community staple.

Be Community-Focused

Most people come to pharmacies for prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, but your pharmacy can offer much more, generating high margins and high impact.

Instead of just selling traditional pharmacy products, you can offer total wellness support for your customers and infuse your store with joy. You and your staff can serve as a knowledgeable resource for individuals seeking guidance on products that promote well-being outside the confines of a hospital or traditional medical setting, available for consultation without the need for appointments or copayments.

That might sound great in theory, but how do you put it into practice?

Begin by proactively focusing on customers who are navigating more complex health journeys. While your pharmacy might have plenty of customers who are seeking remedies for a cold or temporary health ailments, there are many customers who need more guidance and long-term support, who might feel overlooked in a  large pharmacy chain like CVS or Walgreens. For example, seniors who are shopping for mobility aids may require more empathy and hands-on education from you and your staff.

Have an MVP Staff

A great staff is essential for delivering an amazing customer experience.

Here are the core qualities of exceptional staff members:

  • They get to know each customers specific needs and develop bonds with return customers
  • They quickly assist your guests with finding products
  • They answer all the questions your guests may have about a product
  • They make informed product recommendations for your customers
  • They educate your customers with wellness tips (don’t let the product do all the work)

It’s helpful to partner with medical suppliers that provide educational resources and product training that your staff can use to become experts on the products you sell / problems you’re remedying.

For example, NOVA offers a home medical supply training program that turns your employees into NOVA product experts  in under two hours, while showing them how to deliver great service to customers and their caregivers.

Give Customers the 5 Star Experience

At NOVA, we like to say that a great customer experience starts with “Hello!”

Many people come to pharmacies because they’re not feeling well, so it’s easy for your retail store to feel a bit drowsy or unhappy.

That’s why it’s so important to give your customers a warm greeting when they walk through the door, and consistently  demonstrate empathy by actively listening to their specific needs throughout their shopping experience.

This is especially important for customers dealing with chronic health conditions. For example, people who visit your pharmacy to shop for mobility aids may feel nervous or ashamed about shopping for HME products, so they’ll need your empathy and encouragement to help them find the right product.

It’s important to:

  • Remember the names of your customers and some personal facts about them
  • Learn about each customer’s lifestyle and mobility needs
  • Keep track of each customer’s product purchases

When you treat your customers like a family member or friend, they’ll be more comfortable and even excited to come back whenever they need a health solution. The NOVA MVP training module includes proven tactics for giving customers a five-star experience.

Transform Your Customer Experience Today

You can learn more about how to create a great pharmacy experience by reaching out to NOVA today. From NOVA MVP training and educational resources for wellness retailers, to marketing and sales solutions to build your business, the NOVA network gives you the support you need to make an unforgettable customer experience.

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