Choose Joy And Empowerment During Life’s Greatest Changes And Challenges

Get the support, education, and home medical products you need for what may be the hardest and most important role of your life

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Home Medical Products That Empower Real People in a Positive Way

Providing loved ones with necessary care, comfort, or assistance with everyday tasks can be an epic undertaking. The mental and emotional challenges can seem insurmountable and endless.

You are not alone. You can access information, resources, and compassionate partners who will provide you with support and home medical products to make life easier and better, one day at a time.

You’ll also find support, products, and empowerment in NOVA’s comprehensive HME catalog. We believe that choosing joy is possible, even in the face of challenges, and the devices your loved ones use to live life to the fullest should reflect that joy.

Visit your local HME dealer or independent pharmacy, a great support partner and to see and experience the full range of NOVA products.

Education & Resources

Anyone can improve their health and well-being with the right information and a positive, proactive mindset. This is especially true for those facing changes or transitions related to aging and recovery. 

In other words… 

Most falls can be prevented.

Most mobility struggles can be improved.

Most recoveries can be easier.

Most of life’s challenges can be overcome.

Use NOVA’s free educational resources to help your customers stay healthy and choose joy with a safe and empowered lifestyle. 

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