Empower Better Outcomes For Surgery Patients with an Optimal Home Recovery Plan

Provide the best outcomes for your patients with home recovery solutions and strategies that include partnering with a local HME retailer or pharmacy

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Ease Your Patients’ Transition to Home Recovery with the Right Resources

You see a steady stream of patients in your practice who are facing short-term and long-term physical challenges when they recover at home. Most of your patients will need recommendations, guidance, and product solutions for optimal home recovery.

You also know something that many patients don’t – that the transition to home recovery can be challenging and even scary for the patient and their caregiver, family, and loved ones.

You can help to ease that transition by partnering with NOVA and a local HME retailer or pharmacy to educate patients, share home recovery resources, and recommend the appropriate home medical equipment and comfort products.

Join the NOVA Network for Access to Home Recovery Resources
Optimize Your Referrals & Support Your Community
Improve the Patient Home Recovery Experience

NOVA’s mission is to inspire and support medical professionals, caregivers, and individuals who choose joy, empowerment, and positivity in the face of physical challenges and life changes.

Get connected with local providers who share your desire to help patients have a full recovery, reclaim their independence, and improve their quality of life. Join our community and create opportunities to choose joy & empowerment with NOVA.

Education & Resources

Anyone can improve their health and well-being with the right information and a positive, proactive mindset. This is especially true for those facing changes or transitions related to aging and recovery. 

In other words… 

Most falls can be prevented.

Most mobility struggles can be improved.

Most recoveries can be easier.

Most of life’s challenges can be overcome.

Use NOVA’s free educational resources to help your customers stay healthy and choose joy with a safe and empowered lifestyle. 

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