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HME Retailers and Pharmacies are joining the NOVA Network to empower their customers and local community with education, medical equipment resources, compassion and support

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Refer patients and clients to a local NOVA provider for post surgery support

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Help clients reclaim mobility & independence with strategies, solutions and support

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Get medical equipment resources & information to improve care at home and reach client lifestyle goals

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Connect patients and clients to NOVA providers for independent living solutions

Family Care

Find the support, solutions and information to care for your loved ones and yourself

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Assisted & Independent Living Professionals

Recommend solutions for mobility needs, fall prevention, and lifestyle enhancements

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Most falls can be prevented by being informed and proactive. Download and share NOVA’s free guide to help your clients, patients and loved ones Prevent Falls and Empower Human Ability.

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the Difference Between a Walker & Rollator, NOVA walkers

What’s the Difference Between a Walker & Rollator?

What’s the difference between a rollator and a walker? Rollators have four wheels, a built-in seat for easy mobility and rest breaks and locking hand brakes, making them ideal for outdoor use. Walkers typically have two or no wheels and offer more stability and support

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