Expand Your Community Presence & Increase Sales With Retail Resources, Staff Education and Strategic Marketing

Local retailers are growing their businesses and providing exceptional in-store experiences with wholesale mobility aids & medical equipment from NOVA, programs and partnerships

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Your Mission to Improve Lives & Empower Human Ability Can Also Grow Your ROI

Like many independent business owners facing economic uncertainty today, you’re well aware of the gap between where your business is and where your business could be.

You know that there is an opportunity to expand your presence as a trusted destination for Home Medical Equipment in your community. But you need resources, support, and marketing strategies to connect with your community of potential customers.

We know that the best HME experience is not at a big-box store or Amazon, but at your store. That’s where customers will find caring and compassionate HME experts and a thoughtfully curated product selection of trusted brands.

Join the NOVA Network for Access to Impactful Resources
Optimize Your Retail Space with NOVA’s Expert Support
Grow Through Increased Sales & Community Connections

NOVA works closely with retailers who are committed to their customers’ and community’s well-being by providing mobility, bathroom safety, independent living, and comfort products that bring empowerment, joy and positive experiences to their users.

And because NOVA has a great structured and exclusive selling and marketing program for retailers like you, you can even leave Medicare reimbursements behind and enjoy the freedom that truly independent retail provides.

Grow your business and create opportunities to choose joy & empowerment with NOVA’s wholesale mobility aids & medical equipment.

Education & Resources

Anyone can improve their health and well-being with the right information and a positive, proactive mindset. This is especially true for those facing changes or transitions related to aging and recovery. 

In other words… 

Most falls can be prevented.

Most mobility struggles can be improved.

Most recoveries can be easier.

Most of life’s challenges can be overcome.

Use NOVA’s free educational resources to help your customers stay healthy and choose joy with a safe and empowered lifestyle. 

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