Protect Your Patients, Your Loved Ones, and Your Community Through Education & Awareness

Use NOVA fall prevention guides to optimize health and lifestyle by being educated and being proactive

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Save Lives By Reducing Preventable Falls

Many of the falls and injuries that diminish the quality of life for millions of Americans can be prevented with the right application of education and Home Medical Equipment.

The Home Safety Toolbox is uniquely designed to address common fall and injury areas, both inside and outside the home. Download the NOVA guides below and share them to reduce preventable injuries – these are literally life-saving tips in the right hands!

Fall Prevention 24/7/365

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury for 65+ adults, and more than one in four adults report injuries from a fall every year?

Many falls and injuries in the home are preventable! Use these tips from NOVA to reduce preventable falls.

Nova fall prevention poster is a result of home care medical equipment retail consulting expertise. Home Medical Products. Mobility aids supplier.
Injury prevention brochure for Nova Safe at Home.

Safe at Home

Over 60% of falls occur at home, but the right adjustments and products can prevent your patients, customers, and loved ones from adding to that statistic.

Use this NOVA guide to increase home safety, and reduce the chances of an injurious fall.

Bathroom Safety Basics

Many falls in the home happen in the bathroom, often while transitioning to or from the shower or toilet.

Find out how you can add Home Medical Equipment and safeguard your bathroom from preventable falls in this guide from NOVA.

Nova bathroom fall prevention flyer for bathroom safety.
Nova's safe bedroom flyer highlights the importance of fall prevention.

Boosting Bedroom Comfort & Well-Being

Bedrooms are another common location for preventable falls in the home, as they can occur while sleeping, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, or during other everyday activities.

Learn how to create a safe bedroom environment with these tools and tips from NOVA.

Safety Out & About

The right combination of precautions and assistive devices can empower individuals of all ability levels who want to enjoy the tranquility, adventure and rejuvenation of the outdoors.

See how the right products and mindset can restore access to outdoor spaces in this NOVA guide.

Fall prevention is crucial for outdoor safety.
Nova home recovery & independence guide.

Home Recovery & Independence Guide

Connecting people with resources to provide home care, independent living, recovery and wellness solutions.

Get Our Free Home Safety Toolbox to Empower Human Ability and Prevent Falls

We can get through life’s challenges and transitions together, with useful information, inspiration and partners in care.

Most falls can be prevented by being informed and proactive. Download and share NOVA’s free guide to help your clients, patients and loved ones Prevent Falls and Empower Human Ability.

Education & Resources

Anyone can improve their health and well-being with the right information and a positive, proactive mindset. This is especially true for those facing changes or transitions related to aging and recovery. 

In other words… 

Most falls can be prevented.

Most mobility struggles can be improved.

Most recoveries can be easier.

Most of life’s challenges can be overcome.

Use NOVA’s free educational resources to help your customers stay healthy and choose joy with a safe and empowered lifestyle. 

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