Empowering Human Ability Through the Ecosystem of Caregiving

The NOVA Network connects caregivers and Home Medical Equipment providers with resources to support your customers, clients and loved ones

What is The NOVA Network?

The NOVA Network includes independent pharmacies, retailers, medical professionals, wellness providers, caregivers, and family members – anyone and everyone in the ecosystem of caregiving that empowers human ability.

Members of the NOVA Network know how important it is to choose joy when providing care or assisting others. Most care happens outside of the hospital setting, and all of us will be on one or both sides of caregiving in a home setting at some point.

This is often the most difficult of human connections, but it can also be the most meaningful and impactful expression of love. The right combination of compassion, education, positivity, and assistive devices can help individuals at any age or stage of life transition, overcome, and feel empowered.

When you join the NOVA Network, you’ll get access to unique resources for fall and injury prevention, as well as recommendations for products that can restore, transition, and empower quality of life for your patients, customers, or loved ones.

A Welcome Message from Our Founder

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Join the NOVA Network


Support your community, improve customers’ well-being & add to your retail revenue

Home Medical Equipment for Retailers


Optimize your store & customer experience with caring staff and elite HME brands

Home Medical Equipment for Surgery Centers

Surgery Centers

Refer patients and clients to a local NOVA provider for post surgery support

Physical Therapists

Help clients reclaim mobility & independence with strategies, solutions and support

Home Care

Get resources & information to improve care at home and reach client lifestyle goals

Healthcare Professionals

Connect patients and clients to NOVA providers for independent living solutions

Family Care

Find the support, solutions and information to care for your loved ones and yourself

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Assisted & Independent Living Professionals

Recommend solutions for mobility needs, fall prevention, and lifestyle enhancements

Join the NOVA Network

Our Partners


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