NOVA MVPs are the Most Valuable Person in the store

Get educated and empowered as a NOVA MVP

NOVA MVP Training Program logo featuring a pink butterfly.

What is a NOVA MVP?

NOVA MVPs transform customers’ lives through a unique combination of education, expertise, and empathy. 

The MVP Training will help you become your customers’ Most Valuable Person, because you’ll provide the NOVA education and expertise they’re looking for when they come into your store.

Whether you are new to the Home Medical Equipment industry or a seasoned veteran, the NOVA MVP program will provide you with new ways to engage with customers and help them turn feelings of frustration, denial, or shame into feelings of joy, positivity, and empowerment.

Learn how to give your customers a five-star experience and improve their quality of life with NOVA product solutions.

You can become a NOVA MVP in less than two hours through our exclusive video-based training program:

How to Give Your Customers a 5-Star Experience


Transport Chairs


Bathroom Safety

Turning Knee Scooters*

*Optional but highly recommended if you are selling or renting Knee Scooters

A display of various NOVA HME180 Products. Empowering Human Ability.
After successfully completing a short quiz at the end of the training program, you’ll earn an MVP certificate and exclusive NOVA merchandise – more importantly, you’ll be equipped to change and improve your customers’ lives for the better.

SuperNOVA Network

SuperNOVA Certified logo with yellow butterfly

SuperNOVA Dealers are the brightest stars in the NOVA universe and have an unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional HME experience.

Do you have what it takes to go SuperNOVA? Find out here.


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