About NOVA

NOVA is invested in Empowering Human Ability through our people, products, services, and culture

Choosing Joy & Empowering Human Ability Since 1993

NOVA’s mission is to inspire and support those who choose joy, empowerment, and positivity in the face of physical, mobility and personal challenges.

We believe there is nothing more important than your mobility, independence, and time with the people you love.

We are passionately committed to providing products and services that help fully realize the potential and possibilities of people with physical challenges.

We believe that every individual has a full and fulfilling life to live, and Home Medical Equipment should represent the soul and style of the user, provide solutions that allow you to thrive, and bring people together.

Our vision for empowering human ability has expanded to include resources for caregivers, medical professionals, and end-users in an “ecosystem of care” that promotes healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.

A Welcome Message from Our Founder

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Sue Chen founder of NOVA

Transforming Lives By Helping Others

NOVA founder and CEO Sue Chen is a passionate advocate for individuals with physical or mobility challenges and their caregivers and loved ones. 

Sue’s father, a rehabilitation doctor at the V.A. Rehab Center and then in Hollywood, FL., started NOVA manufacturing in Taiwan because he couldn’t find the right assistive products for his patients. His mission was cut short when he passed in 1984. Sue chose to honor his legacy by starting NOVA in the U.S. and growing the company organically and on her own terms. 

With NOVA’s unique line of fashionable and functional Home Medical Equipment, Sue and her team assist millions as they rediscover independence, positivity and empowerment.

“I love sharing the solutions, comfort, hope, and joy that our products deliver. It’s the best and most important part of my job.”

– Sue Chen, NOVA CEO

Education & Resources

Anyone can improve their health and well-being with the right information and a positive, proactive mindset. This is especially true for those facing changes or transitions related to aging and recovery. 

In other words… 

Most falls can be prevented.

Most mobility struggles can be improved.

Most recoveries can be easier.

Most of life’s challenges can be overcome.

Use NOVA’s free educational resources to help your customers stay healthy and choose joy with a safe and empowered lifestyle. 

NOVA Home Medical Equipment


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