Safety & Mobility: Pharmacy Supplies That Customers Want & Need

Sobak’s Home Medical retail store in Michigan featuring an impressive display of NOVA pharmacy supplies

Customers can go to a nearby chain store to buy over-the-counter medications. It’s harder for them to find health products that restore their comfort, safety and mobility. If you want to bring back customers and drive higher profit margins, you might consider ordering pharmacy supplies focused on assistive mobility and home safety.

These products—which include canes, rollators, and knee scooters—bring joy to your customers by helping them move safely and with greater ease.

Who’s Shopping for Safety and Mobility Equipment?

Each day there are 10,000 people who turn 65 years old! There are so many customers who are looking for equipment that prevents falls or helps them move from place to place with less effort.

Every day, another 25,000 people also sprain or dislocate an ankle. People of any age who have suffered a leg injury rely on mobility equipment for a comfortable and successful recovery.

Both older and injured customers may not be able to get the best medical equipment from their health care provider, so they’ll turn to your pharmacy for help.

Pharmacy Supplies That Provide Safety & Mobility

Customers value pharmacies that provide innovative solutions to everyday challenges. The mobility equipment offered by NOVA is a perfect example of what you could incorporate in your store.

Canes and Crutches 

Canes and crutches offer style and support:

  • Offset Canes with Strap Print Options
  • T-Handle Canes
  • Quad Canes
  • Specialty Canes like SugarCanes
  • Compact Travel Canes

Specialty Rollators

Specialty products highlight your pharmacy’s commitment to innovative solutions:


Customers should be able to personalize their mobility aids with accessories like:

Bathroom Safety Equipment

With bathroom safety equipment, customers can bathe and toilet with comfort and confidence, while staying safe:

How Do These Pharmacy Supplies Make My Store More Profitable?

Pharmacies may have difficulty selling OTC medication because of stiff competition from major retailers, and they don’t earn strong revenue from one-time prescriptions.

Many pharmacies are forced to rely on impulse buys, snacks, and other items that don’t really fall into the realm of “health care.”

That’s where NOVA’s pharmacy supplies can make a difference. NOVA mobility and home safety aids are not only high in demand, but they also give you a higher profit margin on each sale.

Plus, we give pharmacies a variety of educational resources so your staff are educated and empowered. When you and your staff are trained on the product, you can provide expert guidance to your customers and drive even more sales. Think of us as your pharmacy business consultant but free and better.

Order Pharmacy Supplies & Equipment from NOVA

Partnering with NOVA means choosing a supplier committed to inNOVAtion, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our extensive range of Home Medical Equipment products, from the essential to the specialized, ensures your customers find exactly what they need to support their health and independence. 

NOVA’s mission extends beyond supplying products; we aim to empower individuals to live their lives with joy and independence. Together, we can ensure that every customer leaves your pharmacy feeling supported, understood, and a little more joyful.

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