Considering Hiring Pharmacy Consulting? Explore A NOVA ReNOVAtion Instead

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Pharmacy consulting has traditionally been a go-to solution for independent owners looking to optimize operations and increase profitability. However, as the market changes, so does the approach to achieving excellence in pharmacy practice. The question then becomes, is traditional pharmacy consulting sufficient, or is there a more impactful way to revitalize your pharmacy?

Imagine a compelling alternative of a holistic transformation encompassing operational optimization and a strategic expansion of product offerings, increased revenue and customer engagement.

Why limit your pharmacy’s potential to operational tweaks when you can redefine its role in the community – and grow your front end store sales? Perhaps it’s time to consider a NOVA ReNOVAtion.

What Does a Pharmacy Consultant Do?

Before we show you what a NOVA transformation is like, let’s look at what independent pharmacies have been relying on for many years.

Pharmacy consultants offer valuable insights into operational efficiency, financial management, and regulatory compliance. They can help identify areas for improvement, suggest changes to inventory management, and provide guidance on enhancing customer service. While the service is valuable, it often centers on the pharmacy’s internal processes, potentially overlooking pharmacies’ expanding role in direct patient care and home health support.

Transitioning to a model that includes a NOVA reNOVAtion can save your pharmacy the significant expense of ongoing consulting fees. Instead of a narrow focus on operations, you invest in a broader, more impactful transformation. This optimizes your pharmacy’s internal functions and expands its reach and relevance in the lives of those it serves, offering a return on investment that extends beyond the balance sheet.

What is a NOVA ReNOVAtion?

NOVA reNOVAtions transcend the conventional scope of pharmacy consulting by integrating a comprehensive and competitive suite of home health care products and tailored marketing strategies. 

This approach positions your pharmacy as a pivotal and destination community resource in home health care. With NOVA, you gain access to a partnership that nurtures growth, inNOVAtion, margin protection and a profound connection with your customers. 

One such example is Oswald’s Pharmacy in Naperville, Illinois. They have been changing their pharmacy experience for customers throughout their 149 year history. One of their big shifts happened with bringing HME products into their store. They went from HME sales of $100,000 in 2012 to nearly $2,000,000 in 2023 by becoming a destination for home health care and  HME.  

You can hear from Alex Anderson, owner and operator of this 6th-generation pharmacy in the HME180 podcast.

What Home Health Care Products Should a Pharmacy Have?

If Oswald’s Pharmacy has inspired you to consider a SuperNOVA experience for your customers, here are a few ways to start.

As a vital access point for home health care and HME, NOVA guides independent pharmacies and retailers to an experience tailored to individuals seeking to maintain independence and manage health conditions from the comfort of their homes. NOVA recommends stocking:

  • Mobility Solutions: High-quality canes, crutches, rollators, and wheelchairs that support varying mobility needs and preferences.
  • Bathroom Safety Devices: Including bath chairs, stools, transfer benches, and grab bars, which are critical for preventing falls and facilitating safe, independent self-care in one of the home’s most hazardous areas.
  • Daily Living Aids: Products that facilitate everyday tasks offer comfort and convenience.

Offering these products positions your pharmacy as a comprehensive wellness center, not just a medication dispensary. By providing solutions that improve daily living for your community, you enhance customer loyalty and open new revenue streams.

When it comes to home health care products and solutions, independent pharmacies and retailers have the ultimate competitive edge over the big chains and on-line retailers such as Amazon. Consumers need caring and compassionate education and expertise, as well as high quality curated product selection that only you can provide. That is why NOVA drives all of their consumer marketing and outreach to their Authorized NOVA Dealers. View our Authorized NOVA Dealer Map here that you could be featured in.

Partner with NOVA to Expand Your Pharmacy’s Product Impact

By partnering with NOVA, you leverage our home health care solutions expertise to broaden your pharmacy’s impact. This strategic move can significantly offset the cost of traditional pharmacy consulting and grow your front end store revenue. 

With NOVA, you invest in a partnership that equips you with the tools, products, and strategies to meet your community’s needs effectively and efficiently. Investing in your pharmacy’s future promotes growth, customer loyalty, and a stronger community presence.

With NOVA products, you’re not just running a pharmacy; you’re leading a wellness revolution in your community, providing comprehensive solutions that support health, independence, and well-being.

Contact us today to discuss a NOVA reNOVAtion and take a step towards a future where your pharmacy is a destination of wellness, well-being and joy. 

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