5 Home Health Care Supplies You Should Stock In Your Pharmacy

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Pharmacy owners understand the critical role they play in supporting community health, especially when it comes to providing home health care supplies. As more people opt for and are prescribed home-based care, the demand for these supplies and products has surged. Offering a diverse selection of home health care products meets a vital community need.

NOVA understands that you are a larger connection to your community as an independent pharmacist or healthcare retailer than just filling prescriptions and selling first aid supplies. People come to trust you for their everyday needs, and those needs can center around mobility, safety, recovery, and comfort. 

We understand the importance of quality, reliability, individuality, and value, and our selection reflects these priorities. By partnering with us, you’ll have access to merchandising support, competitive pricing, margin protection, education platforms, and a product range that will have your customers excited to purchase.

Here are some of the most requested home health care supplies you can offer in your pharmacy. Having these products in stock provides your customers an experience they cannot get online or at a big chain pharmacy. 

Canes & Crutches

Canes and crutches are often the first mobility aid for people, offering support and stability – and safety.  However, beyond their practical function, these products stand as a testament to the user’s individuality and style. Our range includes:

  • Offset Canes with Strap: Available in a variety of designs, from the subtle elegance of classic colors to the vibrant energy of Maui Flowers print, ensuring that personal style is never compromised for functionality.  This popular cane style also comes with a quad tip base – the SuperCane – for more traction and versatility. 
  • Quad Canes: Provide enhanced stability with their four-footed base, catering to those requiring additional support, and are adjustable to fit the user’s height and preference perfectly.
  • Folding Canes: Ideal for the active and traveling individual, these canes combine convenience with reliability. They can be easily stored in a bag or car, ensuring support is always within reach.
  • Specialty Canes: Including Heavy Duty for larger individuals, Extra-Tall for those who are taller than average, and even seat canes that convert to a seat option. 


Rollators are advanced walking aids designed for those who need more support than a cane provides but wish to maintain a high level of independence. Most come with a seat and hand brakes that provide a greater range of comfort and mobility. They feature:

  • Various Wheel Sizes (6”, 8”, and 10”): To accommodate different terrains and lifestyles, from indoor use to outdoor adventures, ensuring smooth mobility across all surfaces.
  • Size and Color Options: Like other mobility products such as bicycles, rollators are not – one size fits all. A rollator should fit the user’s unique height and weight as well as their color preference. Rollators come in different seat heights and handle adjustments to give the user the perfect fit. 
  • Compact and Foldable Designs: Making them easy to transport and store, addressing the needs of users and their caregivers.  
  • Customizable Accessories: That add every day function, fun and style – such as cup holders, cane holders, seat and back covers and walker bags. 

Transport Chairs 

Transport chairs are crucial for individuals with moderate to significant mobility challenges, allowing them to move about safely and comfortably. Unlike wheelchairs, Transport Chairs are much lighter, more compact and great for everyday trips to local destinations – to adventures and travel. These products feature:

  • Lightweight, Durable Frames: Ensuring ease of transport without sacrificing sturdiness or user safety.
  • Hand Brakes, Adjustability and Comfort: Features such as hand brakes, padded armrests and adjustable footrests cater to the user’s safety, physical requirements and comfort preferences.
  • A Range of Sizes and Styles: To accommodate diverse users so they have a safe and comfortable ride. 

Bathroom Safety Products

Bathroom safety products address one of the most common areas for falls and injuries within the home, providing solutions that enhance safety without compromising independence. Our comprehensive selection includes:

  • Bath Chairs & Stools, Transfer Benches: Offering secure, comfortable seating options for showering and bathing, designed to fit various bathroom sizes and configurations.
  • Toilet Safety Products: Rails, Raised Seats, and Seat Risers improve toilet accessibility and reduce the risk of falls, catering to varying degrees of mobility challenges.
  • Grab Bars and Accessories: Grab bars provide the right support for navigating in and out of the bath or shower.  Accessories such as bath mats, hand held showers and bath seat baskets make bathing easier and safer. 

Knee Scooters

Knee scooters offer an inNOVAtive and comfortable alternative to crutches for individuals recovering from foot or ankle injuries. Features include:

  • Stability and Mobility: Providing a safe, restful platform for the injured leg while allowing the user to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Adjustable and Ergonomic Design: Ensuring the scooter can be customized to the user’s height and comfort needs, making recovery as smooth as possible.
  • Accessories make life easier: Adding a basket, cup holder or gel knee cushion make life easier and much more comfortable. 

Partner with NOVA and Stock Your Pharmacy With Home Health Care Supplies

Choosing NOVA as your partner in home health care supplies goes beyond simply stocking products; it’s about embracing a philosophy of care that empowers and celebrates the individuality and independence of each person you serve. With NOVA, you’re not just providing aids for daily living; you’re improving lives with every product, every interaction, and every smile. 

As we move forward together, let’s redefine what it means to be a pharmacy in an era where home health care products are growing in demand. With NOVA’s comprehensive range of products, backed by our unwavering support and partnership, your pharmacy will stand out as a leader in providing solutions that align with your pharmacy mission. It’s an opportunity to grow your business and deepen your impact on your community, one individual at a time. Learn how one pharmacy did just this in this case study on Oswald’s Pharmacy.

Let’s embark on this journey together, with NOVA by your side, forging the way toward a future where everyone can live their fullest life, supported by care, dignity, and joy. Contact us here to learn more about becoming a NOVA dealer.

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