5 Types of Wellness & Mobility Aids to Stock in Your Pharmacy

A retail display of colorful NOVA canes, walkers, rollators, and accessories; types of mobility aids displayed for sale in a pharmacy medical supply store

Want to stock your pharmacy with products that will truly help your community?

Mobility aids (and other types of home medical equipment) are among the best-selling pharmacy items. The U.S. population is rapidly aging, with 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, so there’s greater need for mobility aids than ever before.

Of course, there are so many different types of mobility aids that you can bring into your pharmacy. From our experience working with independent pharmacies just like yours, here are the 5 types of wellness and mobility aids that are most helpful for customers.

1. Canes

Canes are great for people who are able to walk somewhat efficiently but need a little more balance support. Here’s why it’s one of the best types of mobility aids to stock in your pharmacy:

  • NOVA’s Cane Carousel Spinner Display is only 17” in diameter making it easy to put anywhere in your store.  Because it is so attractive and easy to shop, we recommend putting it in a high traffic and high visible area.  
  • To have the best cane experience, customers should have the cane sized for them before they try it.  This is where your staff will shine by sizing the cane for the customer, making for a much better cane experience. NOVA’s MVP Training Program educates your staff on canes and all of NOVA’s mobility and wellness products.  
  • Because style matters, you can order canes in a variety of sizes and styles (NOVA supplies canes in a variety of stylish colors and patterns, which allows customers to find one that best suits their personality)

2. Walkers & Rollators

For people who have a more difficult time standing or walking, walkers and rollators are the most important types of mobility aids.

These mobility aids will take up some more floor space in your pharmacy, but THAT is your ultimate competitive edge… allowing your customer to touch, feel and experience a product as personal and vital as a mobility aid.  This experience is something they just can’t get at the big pharmacy chains or on Amazon.

There are two important things to remember:

First, these are essential mobility aids for people with limited mobility, and they’re effective in preventing falls.

Second, these products give you much higher profit margins than snacks and impulse buys, so it’s worth the effort to shuffle around your retail space to make room for these items (NOVA can help with this—we’ve helped so many pharmacies incorporate HME products into their stores). Check out one of our transformations! 

3. Accessories

One important thing to remember about mobility aids: people are often nervous, intimidated, or ashamed about shopping for them. However, you can help soften the stigma of their shopping experience by stocking mobility aid accessories in your pharmacy.  Think…”Bling My Ride!”

NOVA accessories allowing people to stylize include:

  • Fashionable mobility bags to attach to walkers and rollators
  • Stylish seat and back covers for rollators
  • Cup holders and food trays that can be used with mobility aids

These types of mobility aid accessories allow your customers to personalize their mobility aids, in both style and function, which brings a little more joy into the shopping experience.

4. Bathroom Safety Equipment

Falls often occur in the bathroom, which is why bathroom safety equipment is essential for any pharmacy.  They are also the most recommended products for recovery from surgery.  

The most useful types of bathroom mobility aids are:

  • Grab bars for the shower / bathtub
  • Bath chairs & transfer benches
  • Raised toilet seats and toilet rails
A robust NOVA bathroom safety product retail display with full example sink, toilet and shower at Oswald's Pharmacy.
A robust bathroom safety display at Oswald’s Pharmacy.

The bathroom is a major fall risk area, but with these wellness and mobility aids your customers will be able to use their bathroom with safety, independence, comfort and confidence.  

5. Exercisers

One of the best ways to prevent falls, especially with older adults is to help them strengthen their muscles, which improves their balance, flexibility, and walking ability. That’s why an exerciser is an important type of wellness and mobility aid.

Popular types of exercisers are:

Perhaps the best exerciser is a mobility aid such as a cane or walker to keep people walking… which strengthens the body and the spirit.  

You may also want to stock hip kits in your pharmacy, which help customers recovering from hip replacement surgery.

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Empower Human Ability with NOVA

These 5 types of wellness and mobility aids will bring so much joy to your customers and help them live happier, safer lives.

If you’re looking for a mobility aid supplier, choose NOVA! When you partner with NOVA, you’ll have access to the NOVA Network, which connects your pharmacy with caregivers and customers who are looking for mobility equipment and the expert guidance of pharmacists like you.

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