Fall Prevention for Older Adults: Resources for Caregivers

female caregiver guiding older male patient who walks with a cane, walking outdoors, staying active for fall prevention, resources for caregivers

Fall prevention is a top priority for any person who’s caring for an older adult.

It’s not an easy task.

You might not be available 24 hours a day to assist the person in your care. Maybe you have little time, support, or training to help mitigate all the daily fall risks that can harm the person you care for.

We understand the immeasurable value you bring to the ones you care for as well as the challenges they come with. This is why we believe in community, collaboration and sharing resources.

Now that you’re here with us, the first step to find resources for caregivers is to check out our NOVA Love Notes – short and meaningful messages providing Education & Empathy, Tips & Tools, Support & Solutions. Then, seek the following to aid you in your caregiving journey.

Educational Resources

You might feel overwhelmed when thinking about fall prevention because there are so many places where falls can happen, both inside and outside the home.

The bathroom is not the only place where older adults can slip or trip; falls can also happen in the bedroom and living room, getting into and out of cars, or taking a walk down to the mailbox. It seems like there are fall risks everywhere, so it’s understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed.

NOVA created several home safety guides for caregivers that can help you identify fall risk areas and employ solutions that keep your older adults safe, even in the hours of the day when you’re not around to provide assistance. 

You can check out these guides in our free-to-download NOVA Home Safety Toolbox. These resources are highly visual and easily digestible, and they cover fall prevention at home, in the bathroom, and outdoors so you and your loved one are ready for anything.

Mobility Aids

Once you learn about the fall risk areas that are perilous for older adults, you can start to employ the right tools and equipment to help the person in your care avoid getting tripped up in these places. Mobility aids are essential for providing older adults with the stability they need to move safely from one place to another.

Here are a few important mobility aids to consider:

  • Canes are excellent mobility aids for older adults who can walk fairly well but need assistance with balance.
  • Walkers and rollators are better for older adults who need a little more support while they move around.
  • Grab bars, toilet risers, and bath chairs can help older adults avoid slips in the bathroom.
  • Hand exercisers and pedal exercisers can help older adults develop stronger muscles so they can more easily grip things or so their legs don’t give way as easily.

You may also want to seek out mobility aids that come in different styles and color patterns, or which have customizable accessories, like the mobility aids offered by NOVA. These options give older adults more freedom to express themselves, and take some of the dreariness out of shopping for home medical equipment.  

Two great resources to see, learn and share are NOVA’s website and YouTube Channel.  

Care Network

Now that you’ve learned about fall risks, and know about the different mobility aids you can use to prevent falls, you’re ready to go out and get the equipment you need to build a safer life for the people in your care.

NOVA can connect you with pharmacies and retailers that sell NOVA mobility aids and accessories. Many of our partners offer warranties and servicing on NOVA products, and are ready to assist you in selecting the right mobility aids for those you care for. We’re proud to work with such an excellent network of pharmacies and medical supply retailers that provide support for caregivers.

Click here to locate a NOVA dealer near you.

Supporting Your Mission of Care

You have the power to bring joy to the older adults in your care. At NOVA, we want to give caregivers like you all the resources you need to succeed, such as educational resources, mobility aids, and a network of trusted pharmacies and retailers who are ready to help you.

See our fall prevention resources for caregivers to uplift and support the older adults who depend on you.

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