Essential Assisted Living Accessories by NOVA

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Providing care to your clients and patients in assisted living and at home is vitally essential to their well-being and quality of life. Perhaps even more important and valuable is the peace of mind you give to their family and loved ones. 

Your job requires expertise, knowledge and experience – and an endless well of compassion, patience and positivity. You also work hard to create a safe and comfortable environment for the adults living in your care facility or in their home. 

Unfortunately, you know all too well there’s a bit of a stigma that comes with living in a care home or having a care-giver. There’s an even bigger stigma attached to needing medical or assistive products such as a cane, walker or bathroom safety. Aging and losing mobility and independence is hard, even with your wonderful care. Some of the adults in your care may be feeling distressed, unhappy, or resistant to receiving a little help. How can you help them feel more at ease?

Sometimes a small shift and personal touch can make all the difference. By adding style, cool-worthy features and individuality to their mobility and safety aids, you can change the attitude and acceptance of your client or patient towards their transitions, receiving help and chip away at their Disease of Denial

The Importance of Joyful Assisted Living Accessories

For over 30 years, NOVA has been creating the best assisted living products that people come to love. In addition to NOVA’s vast selection of canes and rollators, our extensive line of assisted living accessories allow your clients and patients to express themselves and feel better about using their equipment. 

Here are a few of the best assisted living accessories that can empower your patients and bring joy to their lives. 

Cane Accessories

No matter their style, your patients can decorate or upgrade their canes by adding these assisted living accessories:

  • Cane Bases & Tips: Have you seen someone almost slip or trip because their cane has a worn-out tip or needs more support and traction than a single point cane? Quad tips can change the cane experience by adding much more traction and can even allow the cane to stand on its own. It’s like a “4 wheel drive” cane tip!
  • Cane Bags: Cane bags allow people to carry around small items when they’re using their canes, like cell phones, medicines, and keys. This small pouch lets them easily access their valuables without having to stuff them into their pockets, which keeps their hands free and helps prevent falls.
  • Canes: Do you have patients in your care who need a cane, but refuse to use one because it doesn’t feel safe, look good or the right size? The multiple types of canes offered by NOVA are extremely durable and come in a wide variety of different color patterns, and even with size options for users up to 6’10” and a 500 lb weight capacity. 

Walker & Rollator Accessories

You may have individuals in your care who move around with the help of walkers and rollators. These mobility aids have come a long way from the basic folding walker with tennis balls, but some may not be happy about using them – despite your encouragement. However, with the right assisted living accessories, you can easily turn a walker or rollator into a head turning, envy worthy joy ride. Check out how we add Bling to a Folding Walker 

  • Glide Skis: No tennis balls on walkers… ever! If your patient or client has these on their walker, they will make the walker unsafe and very unattractive. You can easily replace them with glide skis allowing the walker to move much better and safer over surfaces and small barriers.  They even come with glide ski covers to keep wood floors safe from scratches. 
  • Cane Holders: Do any of your patients use both a cane and a walker? Add a cane holder attachment to a walker or rollator so they can enjoy the best of both mobility aids.
  • Bags & Baskets: You can add bags and baskets to your patients’ walkers and rollators so they can easily carry around small and medium-sized items while on the go. NOVA mobility bags come in a variety of different styles, and since it’s attached to their mobility device, they will never get misplaced!
  • Food Trays: Walkers can be difficult to bring to the dining table, so have food trays on hand that are walker-compatible. This allows your patients to take their food with them outdoors, or to any room where they feel like eating.
  • Seat and Back Covers: Seniors have style, and can adorn their walkers and rollators with colorful covers to add some pop and personality to their mobility aids. These covers are not only beautiful, but easy to clean, too – keeping your patient’s daily driver stylish and sanitary.

Mobility Aid Attachments

There are two invaluable assisted living accessories that you can attach to canes, walkers, and rollators:

  • Flashlight Attachments: With a flashlight attachment, you can easily equip mobility aids with a convenient light in case there’s a power outage or if they need help navigating a dark environment. This is one of the best accessories for fall prevention.
  • Cup Holders: You can attach cup holders to NOVA mobility aids so your patients can stay hydrated or sip their favorite beverage while they’re on the move. Can you imagine not having a cup holder in your car? Well, the same should be for a walker… it’s a must. 

Together, we can add joy and empowerment to your patients’ lives. 

The work you do to create a fulfilling life and lifestyle for older people is so meaningful and important. NOVA can give you a little extra help by providing products, accessories and support to keep your patients and clients safe, mobile and empowered. 

Find a NOVA Dealer near you to bring these accessories and other life changing products into the lives of your patients. 

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