Melissa Grace Klose

Melissa Grace Klose works on Special Projects & Marketing at NOVA Medical Products. Transitioning from a nearly decade-long career as a high school STEM educator, Melissa’s journey took a significant turn with a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2022. Determined to channel her experiences into positive action, Melissa found solace and support in NOVA’s products during her recovery, igniting her passion for aiding others with mobility challenges. In November 2023, Melissa spearheaded the launch of the SuperNOVA program, a platform recognizing exceptional dealers committed to customer education and assistance. Behind the scenes, Melissa serves as the producer and editor of the HME180 Podcast. The HME180 Podcast provides HME dealers and pharmacies retail strategies, solutions and support to be successful and sustainable HME Retailers. Her mission at NOVA is clear: to connect individuals with the resources they need while dispelling any apprehensions about utilizing mobility aids. Melissa’s dedication to empowering human ability is evident in every project she undertakes, embodying NOVA’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and individuality.
A woman in a wheelchair is being helped by another person during the Stroll and Roll event in November.

November 2023 Stroll and Roll

This November, NOVA Medical Products partnered with AbilityFirst, a nonprofit that provides programs and services to help children and adults with disabilities reach their full potential, for the first time at the annual Stroll & Roll Event.

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