Pharmacy Marketing Starts with Your In-Store Experience

four staff members of Oswald’s Pharmacy reviewing NOVA home medical equipment details for better pharmacy marketing; NOVA product surrounds them on a showroom floor

In the age of online shopping, it seems more difficult than ever to market your independent pharmacy or home medical store. How do you convince customers to visit your store when the marketplace is dominated by websites like Amazon?

At NOVA, we believe that nothing can rival a compassion-based customer experience, which can only be offered at retail stores like yours.

Our SuperNOVA partner dealers prove that by creating an in-store experience that exudes warmth and joy, you have the opportunity to do a type of pharmacy marketing that eCommerce websites could only dream of.

Here’s why creating an amazing retail experience should be the first step in improving your pharmacy marketing.

3 Ways to Improve Pharmacy Marketing Through Retail

Many people choose to buy home medical products online because it seems more convenient.

But is it, really?

What happens if they purchase a product that doesn’t feel comfortable? Or, they buy a low-quality product that quickly breaks? What if they don’t understand how to use, install, or assemble the product?

Perhaps they’ll realize that a single online purchase doesn’t provide them with the ongoing care and support they need on their journey of wellness? What if they need a little more guidance?

Only a pharmacy like yours, with a partnership with NOVA, can offer total wellness support for your customers. By giving them informed product recommendations, injury prevention education, and heaps of compassion, you’ll turn your store into a joyful space that your customers will enjoy coming back to. They will have the opportunity to see, touch, compare and test drive the products before making their purchase. Happy customers will recommend you to their friends and others in the community, and that can be the most powerful type of pharmacy marketing.

Here are three ways you can enhance your in-store experience so you can do pharmacy marketing through your customers and create a more profitable store.

1. Turn Your Customers Into Friends

We often say that a great customer experience starts at “hello!” Offering a friendly greeting immediately makes your customers feel more at ease. Many people who visit pharmacies or home medical stores are feeling sick or dealing with stressful health conditions, and people who are shopping for HME products might even feel ashamed or fearful.

You can defuse the tension and negative vibes by treating your customers like friends or family. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Remember the names of your customers
  • Get to understand your customers’ unique needs
  • Keep track of each customer’s preferences and purchase history

Your customers are more likely to come back to your store and recommend it to others when it feels like a welcoming, safe space.

2. Offer Support They Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Your pharmacy can offer intimate support and guidance that customers won’t be able to find online or at big retail stores. Here’s what your staff can offer your customers:

  • Taking the time to understand and empathize with your customer’s needs
  • Offering informed product recommendations
  • Helping guests try out different products to find the right one (this is so important for assistive mobility devices)
  • Helping customers understand product servicing and warranties
  • Educating customers with healthcare tips that are relevant to whatever the customer is dealing with

By showing your customers empathy and expertise, you can gain their trust and loyalty while building a reputation for exceptional customer service, which is a type of pharmacy marketing that money can’t buy.

3. Leave the Door Open

Pharmacies can offer more than just medicine. There are customers who may need continued support to overcome health challenges, and your pharmacy can be there to provide that support through every step of their journey.

Many pharmacies are hyper-focused on drawing new customers but forget to build relationships with and nurture their existing customers. Like a trusted doctor, your customers should feel like they can come back to you whenever they need help tackling a new challenge. This might be one of the most overlooked aspects of pharmacy marketing.

So, don’t forget to encourage your customers to return for product servicing or to try out new products that can improve their well-being, and always be on the lookout for new products that your customers truly need.

Give Customers an Experience They Can Share

The best way to jumpstart your pharmacy marketing is to create an in-store experience that your customers will rave about to their family and friends. NOVA can help you achieve this 100% organic marketing just by joining our dealer network.

When you partner with NOVA, you’ll have access to:

We believe the independent pharmacy is the best destination for your community’s healthcare needs and with pharmacy marketing, we’ll get the word out and keep your customers coming back. 

Looking for more pharmacy marketing tips? Listen to The HME180 Podcast for candid conversations with skilled and caring entrepreneurs in the Home Medical Equipment industry.

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