What is a NOVA MVP?

what is a NOVA MVP, logo with a butterfly, it is a video training for pharmacists, caregivers and HME retailers

Imagine entering a pharmacy or HME retail store and having the staff greet you like a close friend or family—remembering your name, asking about your family, exuding warmth and showing genuine interest in your health and well-being. The staff knows your preferences and purchase history and is ready to offer tailored recommendations and guidance.

Now imagine the opposite experience. When you enter the store, you’re met with uncertainty and indifference from the staff. You need guidance, but the staff lacks the expertise to provide you with meaningful support. You feel a little undervalued, and you wind up leaving the store with a product you’re not sure how to use—or maybe you don’t make a purchase at all.

NOVA endeavors to build strong connections between customers and your staff through an engaging MVP training experience. When a customer enters your store, your employees will know how to deploy their expertise and empathy to deliver an amazing customer experience and become the customer’s Most Valuable Person.

What is a NOVA MVP, and how can they benefit your pharmacy or health business?

The NOVA MVP Training Program

NOVA MVP is a simple training program that can turn you and your staff into experts on NOVA HME products.

We know that you already have your hands full managing the day-to-day operations of your pharmacy, so we made our training program as simple as possible. Our training is entirely video-based and takes no more than 2 hours to complete!

By the end of a single shift, you and your staff will become bona fide experts on the NOVA products that you have stocked.

How Can NOVA MVP Help Your Pharmacy?

The average customer that enters your store probably needs a prescription refill or over-the-counter medications. 

But customers who are shopping for NOVA products may need far more guidance from your staff. These customers are likely dealing with severe mobility issues or chronic health problems that require a change in lifestyle.

NOVA MVP will prepare you and your staff to:

  • Match customers with the right NOVA products
  • Help customers choose accessories and attachments
  • Educate customers on how to use each of the products
  • Answer questions about parts servicing and product warranties

Let’s say that a senior and their caregiver visit your store to buy a NOVA rollator. Here are ways you can help the customer and give them the best experience. 

  • Allow the customer to TRY the rollator so it feels right. 
  • Adjust the rollator so it fits just right.
  • Show how to property, effectively and safely use the rollator.
  • Show the color options or add style with a seat/back covering.
  • Suggest great accessories such as a cup holder to the rollator.
  • Install the cup holder on the rollator. 
  • Provide the best warranty.  
  • Provide your care and support.  

Once you and your staff become NOVA MVPs, you’ll be able to assist the caregiver with anything they need. Not only will you have earned a sale on a high-margin product, you’ll have also earned a lifetime customer who can count on your pharmacy for their wellness needs.

The SuperNOVA Network

When you have at least two NOVA MVPs employed at your pharmacy, you’re only a few steps away from joining our SuperNOVA Network.

SuperNOVA gives you access to premium marketing tools, such as:

  • Enhanced visibility on our NOVA Dealer Locator
  • Free Test Drive Unit and exclusive marketing assets 
  • Access to NOVA’s referral marketing program

Learn how to join the SuperNOVA Network.

Empower Your Staff with NOVA MVP

By maintaining excellent customer service at your pharmacy, you can make a positive impact on the lives of your customers. NOVA MVP will take your customer service above and beyond by empowering your staff with assistive mobility knowledge and know-how.

Contact us today if you’re ready to elevate the expertise of your staff, or if you want to bring more NOVA products into your healthcare business.

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