The Benefits of Taking Your Mobility Walker for a Test Drive

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Shopping for a mobility walker can feel stressful or intimidating. It can be painful for anyone to admit they need mobility assistance, and there’s a stigma surrounding walkers and other types of mobility aids. Wouldn’t it be nicer to avoid any feelings of shame or embarrassment and just order a walker online?

The answer is no.  Going on-line only reinforces those feelings with confusion and fear.  Which one do I choose?  What is the difference among all of these walkers?  What happens if there is a service issue?  How do I ensure I am using a walker safely?  What is the right walker size for me?  And on and on.  So because of the stigma and fear surrounding walkers, it is best to shop for a mobility walker in-store, ideally at a pharmacy or medical supply store that specializes in mobility products.

In-store shopping makes it so much easier to find a walker that’s comfortable and functional, and, from our experience, people are often surprised at how pleasant the shopping experience is when they visit a reputable pharmacy or HME store.

Why It’s Better to Shop for Mobility Walkers In-Store

The convenience of online shopping might compel you to purchase a mobility walker on the internet, but you run the risk of purchasing a walker that’s just not the right fit, which also costs you time and money.

We like to say that shopping for mobility aids is like shopping for a new car or pair of shoes: it’s important to try them out first so you know whether it has the right feel and fit.

You’ll get the following benefits when you shop in-store for a mobility walker:

  1. You can try out the walker
  2. You can receive expert guidance
  3. You can learn about servicing and warranties

1. Try Out the Walker in Person

When we talk about walkers, people usually think of those gray four-legged walkers with tennis balls. However, we’ve come a long way since then, and there are many new stylish and ergonomic designs that make sure EVERYONE feels comfortable and empowered using their mobility aid.

Walkers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, just like people, and there are unique features that match the style and lifestyle of the user: there are heavy-duty walkers, lightweight walkers, foldable walkers, and rollators with different height, wheel size, colors, compactness, and more.  

You just don’t know which type of walker feels the most comfortable until you take it for a or test drive! Shopping for a mobility walker in-store makes it easy to get to know your options up close.

2. Seek Expert Guidance

When you visit a reputable pharmacy or HME store, you’ll have experts there who can answer your questions and help you find the perfect mobility walker.

The best HME stores have expert knowledge about walkers and other types of mobility aids, and they can help you locate a walker that’s going to suit your / your loved one’s needs. They can make product recommendations based on factors that you might not have thought about.

3. Secure a Warranty

Your mobility walker should not only come with a warranty, but also a servicing program so you can easily and affordably replace certain parts, such as the hand brakes, grips, or wheels.

Many local pharmacies and HME stores—especially the ones who partner with NOVA—offer product warranties and will also service mobility walkers or make minor repairs. These services ensure that your mobility walker is safe and will last for as long as possible.

Find a Mobility Walker at a Store Near You

When you’re shopping in-store for a mobility walker, it’s best to avoid the big box chain retailers. While these stores may sell mobility aids, they usually don’t have a wide variety of products, and their staff isn’t trained to properly assist you.

It’s better to seek out a local pharmacy or HME store. Look for one of our partner pharmacies if you want to shop for high-quality, durable mobility walkers and receive guidance from expert staff members.

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