What Do People Buy at a Pharmacy?

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In an effort to boost sales, your pharmacy has brought in a variety of new brands and products, or you’ve slashed your prices across the board.

But unfortunately, these changes haven’t done much to increase your pharmacy revenue or foot traffic, and your sales remain stagnant. You might be asking yourself: what are people buying at pharmacies these days? Am I offering the right products?

We’ve worked with many independent pharmacies who have asked the very same questions.

Let’s show you the most popular products that people buy from pharmacies so we can offer some practical strategies to help you generate higher sales revenue at your pharmacy.

Products That People Buy at Pharmacies

In 2023, The Acosta Group conducted a study to determine the purchasing trends at pharmacies. While primarily focused on major pharmacy retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid, the insights gleaned from this study remain valuable for independent pharmacies as well.

According to the study:

  • 71% of shoppers pick up prescriptions
  • 70% of shoppers buy non-prescription health products from the pharmacy area
  • 69% of shoppers buy groceries, snacks, cosmetics, and other personal products

Here’s some information about the pharmacy shoppers who were surveyed:

  • 58% of shoppers visited two to three times per month
  • 33% of shoppers used in-store medical services like screenings or immunizations
  • Most shoppers had joined their local pharmacy’s loyalty program

So, what can we learn from these numbers?

First, the customers who visit your pharmacy will probably buy more than one type of product, even if they’re mainly coming to fill a prescription.

Second, many of the customers become regular visitors to their local pharmacy, visiting multiple times each month and even joining loyalty programs.

The key to improving sales at your pharmacy is to focus not only on selling health products but by offering health support that engages your local community and turns them into regular visitors. Your pharmacy can become a trusted wellness partner for any customer who walks through your doors.

Best-Selling Pharmacy Items

Prescriptions aside, what are the highest-selling pharmacy products?

A study by Datascan highlighted the 5 most popular pharmacy items that shoppers purchase:

  1. Vitamins & Herbal Supplements
  2. Seasonal Items
  3. Home Medical Equipment (HME)
  4. Essential Oils
  5. CBD Oils

You might be surprised to find that over-the-counter medications didn’t even make the list! Customers are much more interested in purchasing wellness products, like oils, dietary supplements, and HME products – which happen to have a much higher profit margin. 

four foot by 6 foot planogram wall mount retail display for NOVA home medical equipment products

Of the five items listed, incorporating a selection of home medical equipment might seem challenging due to its requirement for additional aisle space. However, NOVA is here to help! We have years of experience helping independent pharmacies add mobility aids to their stores. 

Worried about space? A 4ft planogram, a cane display or cushion display allow you to stock popular  products with a compact footprint. Don’t overlook the chance to provide crucial support to individuals requiring mobility assistance!

Engage Your Community with NOVA

As you can see, people don’t just visit pharmacies to purchase medicine. They’re also looking for help with all their wellness needs. You can turn your pharmacy into a community staple by offering not only a variety of wellness products but also by giving them care, compassion, and expert guidance.

You can connect your pharmacy with an ecosystem of care by partnering with NOVA. We can provide your store with the support you need to engage your customers, from personalized mobility products to intuitive staff training. Reach out to us today to learn more or get started.

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