Find Your Perfect Fit: Types of Canes for Every Need

two older men who are friends sitting along the side of a waterway, each with his own type of cane for walking and balance, trees in the background

When mobility becomes a challenge, a cane can be a useful and supportive companion that helps your loved ones maintain their independence and safety.

If you’re searching for the perfect cane for someone in your care, it’s helpful to understand the different types of canes available.

Types of Canes

Here are the most common types of canes on the market:

  • Offset canes
  • T-handle canes
  • Palm handle canes
  • Curved canes
  • Folding / travel canes
  • Extra tall and Heavy duty canes
  • SugarCanes with a Quad Tip base
  • Quad canes
  • Seat canes

Offset Canes

nova offset cane with floral pattern

Offset canes are highly ergonomic because they have a curved (offset) handle that more naturally aligns with your wrist, which reduces the strain on your wrists and joints.

They distribute weight more comfortably and make it easier to walk and steady oneself.

T-Handle Canes

As the name implies, T-handle canes have a T-shaped handle that’s helpful for people with limited hand strength and dexterity.

The T-shape provides a more natural grip for those who might otherwise have difficulty grasping the cane.

nova t-handle cane in leopard pattern

Palm Handle Canes

nova palm handle cane

Palm handle canes have a wide handle that conforms to the shape of one’s palm.

They has a super ergonomic design that’s helpful for people suffering from hand weakness or limited grip strength, such as those who are dealing with arthritis.

Curved Canes

A curved cane has a simple, U-shaped curve that’s similar to an umbrella handle.

The curved shape allows you to enjoy a more comfortable grip while you’re resting, so this is a cane that’s suitable for people who can walk relatively well, but need a little extra stability.

nova curved handle cane

Folding / Travel Canes

nova folding travel cane with pattern

Folding canes can be easily folded into a compact, travel-sized form via three or four joints. This type of cane is perfect for people who travel regularly, whether it’s by plane, train, or car.

Not every vehicle or bag can accommodate a long cane, especially when you’re traveling with luggage, so the folding mechanism makes it easier to squeeze into the carry-on bag.

Extra Tall and Heavy Duty Canes

Shopping can be difficult for tall people! Thankfully, there are extra tall canes available that are perfect for those who have lost some mobility, but not their height. There are also heavy duty canes with a weight capacity of 500 lbs. 

We added more support, but will never skimp on the style. Extra Tall and Heavy Duty canes come in black… and much more. 

nova cane

SugarCanes with Quad Tip Base 

nova cane with pattern

The NOVA SugarCane is the ultimate cane solution and fashion accessory. The offset shape provides excellent support for the wrist, the soft grip is comfortable for the hands and the strap is super convenient.

The Quad Tip base stands the SugarCane upright on flat surfaces, provides great stability, traction and pivot on uneven and sloped terrain, and helps to reduce strain on the hand and wrist. And because style matters, the SugarCane is beautiful and stays beautiful with gorgeous fade and chip resistant patterns.

Quad Canes

A quad cane has a sturdy base with four small prongs that provide more support and balance than other types of canes.

This is a great model for those who need to rely on their cane for more support.

nova quad cane

Seat Canes

nova seat cane

One of the most unique types of canes, a seat cane acts as both a cane and a portable seat, so the user can sit down and rest whenever they need to.

This is a great model for those people who enjoy going on regular walks but need to stop and take a break every now and then. They offer the same portable seating that a rollator does, but they’re not as bulky.

Considerations for Choosing a Cane

When you’re trying to figure out which type of cane you need, you might want to consider these additional factors:

  • Styles: Canes are like your clothing and will come with you wherever you go! That’s why it’s important to choose a cane with a style, pattern, or color that suits your personality.
  • Accessories: Look for canes that come with accessories, such as simple wrist straps, hooks, and even flashlight attachments. These will enhance the safety, comfort and everyday usability of the cane.

Try Canes Before You Buy

When you’re choosing a cane, it’s best to try out different models in person to make sure it feels comfortable: that it’s the right weight, has a grip that feels comfortable, and feels natural to walk with. Avoid shopping for canes online—you won’t be able to try them out before you buy.

Which Stores Sell a Variety of Cane Types?

If you want to try out different types of canes, find a NOVA dealer! These are local pharmacies and HME shops that offer a wide selection of our canes in different styles and accessories. They will also size the cane for you so you are optimizing your mobility and safety.

You can locate your nearest NOVA dealer here.

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