What Safety Equipment Can Help With Fall Prevention?

Elderly woman uses safety equipment for fall prevention, bathroom grab bar

Every day, families face the reality of fall risks for their loved ones, especially as we age. Fall prevention isn’t just a concern; it’s a priority for maintaining independence, safety at home and living life to the fullest. With the right knowledge and safety equipment for fall prevention, reducing these fall risks becomes achievable – safeguarding those we care about most.

The team at NOVA believes in empowering human ability. We are dedicated to providing you and your family with solutions that enhance safety and mobility. Our range of products, from bath chairs to mobility aids, are designed with your safety and lifestyle in mind. 

Safety Equipment for Fall Prevention

Fall prevention encompasses more than just the elimination of common hazards; it’s about being proactive and creating environments and routines that bolster safety and confidence for individuals at every stage of mobility. The most important step in this plan is to be informed and educated. Here are steps, guidelines and product solutions recommendations to execute your fall prevention strategy. 

Make Your Bathroom Safe

Most falls at home happen in the bathroom, the most used and most active room in our homes. Falls in the bathroom are also the most dangerous and can be emotionally devastating. Identifying where falls can happen and adding a product solution can significantly reduce the fall risk and make using the bathroom much more enjoyable. 

Fall Risk # 1: Getting On & Off the Toilet. 

Solutions – Toilet Safety Rails and Raised Toilet Seats

Fall Risk # 2: Getting In & Out of the Bath or Shower. 

Solution – Grab Bars

Fall Risk # 3: Bathing Independently. 

Solutions – Bath Chairs, Hand Held Shower with Extra Long Hose, Bath Seat Basket, Bath Mat 

In addition to executing proactive solutions to the fall risk areas, creating new bathroom habits such as leaving the door unlocked (use a Do Not Disturb sign), making sure the lighting is bright and keeping the floor dry will keep your bathroom time comfortable and safe. 

Use a Walking Aid to Improve Mobility and Prevent Falls 

When changes occur to one’s balance, agility, strength and stamina – navigating places and situations that used to be normal and natural can now be frustrating, scary and depressing. Compound these emotions with the sigma that is often associated with using a cane or walker and it is easy to get infected with the Disease of Denial. 

Research demonstrates that using a Cane or Walker can reduce the risk of serious injury from falls by 100%. Now that we know how significantly we can reduce falls and serious injury by using a cane or walker, let’s focus on the greater challenge… how to find a cure for the Disease of Denial. An effective way to combat this disease is by giving people a choice and tapping into our freedom to choose and express ourselves. NOVA products go beyond function to support people in transition. We have various designs and patterns to help you stylize your mobility aid. In our 30 years, so many NOVA users have told us how impactful color and design are in helping overcome a stigma or embarrassment of using a cane or walker. In fact, those negative emotions and stigma get a 180 to that of joy, empowerment and confidence. 

With the freedom to choose, let’s get Mobility Educated!


Canes are often the entry mobility aid when someone needs more support to encourage balance and stability. The main consideration for choosing a cane are: 

Style – the cane should complement personal style and preference. 

Stability – the cane base can range from single point cane with a basic tip to an all-terrain quad tip to a quad cane

Size – the cane should fit the user and many people do not use their canes because it does not feel right or fit correctly. Most canes are adjustable and NOVA even has canes for users up to 6’10” and 500 lb weight capacity. Watch NOVA’s video about how to size a cane and also prevent “cane rattle.”

Folding Walkers

Providing more balance, stability and support than a cane is a folding walker. This is the most common walker that is used at a hospital or rehab facility. What can make a folding walker much more effective, useful, fun and accepting for the user are choices of style and options. Folding walkers can come in beautiful colors that make them much more appealing than the standard gray. 

There are also game changer accessories for the folding walker that in fact – change the game. Let’s start with the awful tennis balls on walkers that have become ubiquitous as a sigma symbol of aging. NO MORE TENNIS BALLS! 

If you give those tennis balls a 180, you get NOVA’s Walker Skis which are uniquely designed for the folding walker and makes using a folding walker so much easier and way cooler. 

Other game changer accessories for the folding walker include Food Trays, Cup Holders, Cane Holder, Baskets and Stylish Bags

Rolling Walkers

Because there is nothing more important than your mobility, independence and freedom to be with the ones you live, Rolling Walkers make that possible when mobility needs go beyond a folding walker. 

NOVA Rollators, provide optimal stability, mobility, convenience and safety. Different to a folding walker, they have locking hand brakes, larger wheels, a seat, backrest, storage pouch and are foldable. Important considerations when choosing a rolling walker are:

Size: Similar to a bicycle, the rolling walker needs to fit the users with the correct seat and handle height. NOVA Rolling Walkers such as the Star Series with the Perfect-Fit adjustability and Zoom Series with 4 seat heights offer users a diverse selection to get the best fit and feel. 

Wheel Size: Because Rolling Walkers are meant for the user’s life and lifestyle, wheel size makes a difference. While all NOVA Rolling Walkers are great for indoor and outdoor use, having larger wheels can perform better on diverse outdoor terrain. The NOVA Express is especially sporty with 10” front wheels and an easy to fold design. 

Compact for Travel: Rolling Walkers can be taken on outings from an after dinner stroll to a trip around the world. All NOVA Rolling Walkers are foldable and many with unique folding locks. Models such as the Monarch are both all-terrain and super compact, making it so easy to fold and go. NOVA even has a Travel Bag to store and carry NOVA Rolling Walkers. 

food tray accessory on a nova rollator walker

Stand Up Rise Up Rolling Walkers: For users that require more support than a standard rolling walker, a Stand Up or Rise Up rollator is designed to support the users mobility using a forearm attachment. NOVA’s Phoenix and Dragon Rise UP Rollators are a life changer and allow the user to Rise UP and look forward. The Dragon Rise Roll-Up Rollator comes in three colors – blue, red, and purple.

Accessorize for Life: Having a rolling walker that you WANT to use not only prevents falls, but makes life so much better. Choosing a rolling walker color you love and adding fun and functional accessories, such as cup holders and seat and back covers can impact how people feel about their walkers… from denial to acceptance and from dread to joy. 

Fall Prevention With NOVA

Preventing falls requires a combination of the right equipment, awareness and proactive attitude. With NOVA’s thoughtful and innovative products, families can be empowered, knowing they’re providing their loved ones with the product solutions to live with more safety, confidence and freedom. 

Choosing NOVA is like choosing a helping hand; it’s about bringing joy, safety, and independence into the lives of those we love. It’s a commitment to enhancing their daily experiences, allowing them to embrace life with joy and without fear. As we wrap up, remember this journey isn’t just about preventing falls; it’s about empowering our loved ones to live their best lives, supported by NOVA’s dedication to making each step safe and every day brighter.

Contact NOVA to explore our full range of safety equipment for fall prevention and embrace a life of independence and joy.

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