Creating Comfort: How Quality Medical Equipment Enhances Hospice Care at Home

hospice care at home; quality medical equipment for caregivers

One of the biggest factors that impacts hospice care at home is the type of medical equipment used.

A home should feel like a home, and not a hospital. That’s why medical equipment needs to strike the right balance between functionality and physical and emotional comfort. This can be a tough balance to strike because medical equipment is often dreary and cumbersome by nature.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Quality medical equipment, that’s thoughtfully crafted and designed for supporting and improving quality of life, can truly enhance hospice care at home.

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Creating Comfort with Quality Equipment

At-home hospice care means that someone has decided to embrace the end of life in an environment that’s more familiar and comfortable than a medical facility, allowing for a more peaceful transition and being with loved ones. This is made possible with the use of medical equipment.  

Medical equipment will not delay the inevitable, but it can still improve a person’s quality of life in hospice and provide them with the ease and comfort they deserve. It will also greatly help the caregiver and loved ones in providing that care and comfort.

When you’re searching for at-home hospice care equipment, look for products with these important qualities:

  • Quality and Service Matter: With a time as important and precious as end of life care, there is no compromising on quality and service. The product needs to work well and be dependable and reliable.  It is also vitally important to purchase quality equipment from a reputable medical equipment store or pharmacy that has a knowledgeable and caring staff you can talk to.  
  • Adjustability: Certain types of home medical equipment, such as bath chairs, commodes, overbed tables, IV/oxygen stands, and mobility aids, should be adjustable so they can easily conform to your home and the person using them.
  • Warranties: Look for products with warranties and parts servicing so you can have your medical equipment repaired or replaced for little or no charge.

A person in hospice as well as their caregivers and loved ones deserves to have high caliber and reliable medical equipment, so finding products that match these three guidelines is important.

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Creating Comfort with Mobility Equipment

Hospice care at home gives more freedom, flexibility, and convenience to a person in hospice. They might want to spend time outdoors or doing activities in and around their home, which means that mobility aids are an essential tool.

NOVA transport chair
NOVA petite GetGo rollator walker in pink

Canes, walkers, wheelchairs, transport chairs and rollators give a person in hospice care invaluable mobility, so they’re not confined to their bed. Having some mobility, even if limited, at end of life care also gives that person dignity.  As with other types of home medical equipment, not every mobility aid is built the same. You should look for products that are:

  • Adjustable & Ergonomic: Mobility aids should always feel comfortable to the person using them. It’s best to shop at stores with an HME (home medical equipment) focus because they’ll offer a variety of mobility aids that meet different sizes and ergonomic requirements.
  • Functionality: Some mobility aids come with attachments that improve their safety and convenience, such as food trays, cup holders and baskets. 
  • Durable: Mobility aids are essential in walking safely and preventing falls, which is why it’s so important that you find models that are made from strong, high-quality materials.  Be sure to work with a caring and knowledgeable home medical equipment store or pharmacy.  

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Creating Comfort with Joyful Equipment

The right medical equipment can bring so much more joy to a person undergoing hospice care at home.

Medical equipment often looks dreary, creating an unappealing and hospital feel to the home environment. The best way to circumvent this is to use medical equipment that can be personalized with different styles and color patterns—and YES, this medical equipment does exist! Just look at some of the products offered by NOVA.

NOVA folding walker in blue, with wheels in the front, and blue floral pattern mobility bag
NOVA sugarcane with offset handle

NOVA mobility aids make a fashion statement!

This kind of personalization allows a person in hospice care to turn their medical equipment into a form of self-expression and helps give them a sense of control over their equipment—so they won’t feel like they’re being controlled by their equipment.

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You’re Not Alone in Your Mission

There are few life moments and missions more important than bringing joy and comfort to a person who has chosen hospice care at home. NOVA is committed to helping you succeed in your mission. We offer a wide range of medical equipment for hospice care that’s high-quality, durable, adjustable, and—most importantly—empowering.

Find a NOVA dealer near you, or learn more about our support network for family caregivers.

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